Environmental Surcharge Items

Items found within our Dumpsters or Junk Haul Services, with or without your approval will be subject to environmental, special disposal fees.  We need to protect our Earth.  Our business is to help you make your junk and debris removal very easy and simple, and we promise that, however can not break rules, as it is unrighteous and unlawful.  Most companies will have a large list, and ours is small, thus we also make efforts to recycle on your behalf to make up for the affordable and simple pricing system that we have adopted and built in the waste management and removal industry.


Item Subject to Fees:


Tires, any size, $20 each

Batteries, any type, $20 each

Televisions and Computer Monitors, any type, $20 each


Under No Exception will be except Wet Paint, and Wet Chemicals.  Such items found in our dumpsters especially after opening and causing spill damage can be liable for damage to our dumpster and also environmental fees.  We are sorry to be harsh about this but number one is our Earth, number two is our goods as we try to offer a clean and reputable service.