Appliance Removal

We are experts in our industry.  As regulations and environmental regulations get much strict, it is harder to get rid of your old non working appliances, laptops, computers, tube monitors and all.  we have very resourceful connections and experience to eliminate these items safely.  Sometimes we find organizations who can reuse them and put them back into use before these items finally give up.  There is a lot of the parts of the world that can reuse items.

We are also very keen to recycling.  This again is our edge.  Why we are so affordable for you!  Easy to use, you do not have to wonder what the cost will be after you speak to our reps on the phone.

Please do read surcharge items page, as with current recycling laws and rules we must abide by there surcharge fees.  Said items are only charged what the processing facility charges us.

We appreciate your understanding of the nature of this.